please note: I will be on maternity leave beginning August 1st, 2019 and will not be accepting new clients until I return in early November.

We both know it: in the creative community, people don’t always get hired because of their skills. Most of the time, they get hired because a) they’re reasonably competent and usually more importantly, b) they’re a good hang. So what you really wanna know when you click on this page is a little about my official competence, and a lot about what it’s actually like to spend time with me.

I’ll give you the bit about my qualifications at the end, but here’s what I think you should really know about me:

1) I’m really great at making people feel comfortable while spending an hour of their week with me getting up close and personal about their life. I’m particularly good at this with creatives because I’m a creative too, and so are most of my friends. I know first hand how artists struggle with things like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, perfectionism, body image and eating disorders in unique ways.

2. I’m in it for the long haul with my clients. Just like I don’t believe in handing a cough drop to someone with strep throat, I don’t believe in treating the symptoms of the artist’s tortured soul. While this might make them temporarily feel better, the underlying cause is still untreated and results in an if-not-when the symptoms come back scenario. I’m committed to doing bottom-up therapy with my clients – meaning I want to help you find the reasons behind the day-to-day struggles you experience and help you find deep and lasting healing.

I work best with individuals who have insight and self-awareness but have struggled to convert that knowledge into healing and lasting change, because I’ve struggled with the same thing and I’ve done the work to find my way out of that head-and-heart tension. I can’t say your path will be the same as mine, and I can’t do your work for you – but I’m a great person to have along your way.

Credentials (AKA the boring but important stuff and how I got to St. Louis)

First, I got a bachelors degree in music ministry. My final semester of undergrad, I attended the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville. After graduation, I decided not to use my shiny new degree to work in a church because I didn’t know what I thought about church anymore, so instead, I moved to Nashville and lived there for the next 2.5 years. Tired of my office job and ready to commit to what I loved most (counseling), I decided to get my master’s in mental health counseling, during which, I became EMDR trained (more about EMDR here). One degree and a wedding later, and I am now a transplant to St. Louis, Missouri and a provisionally licensed professional counselor (license #2018006446).