Life doesn’t have to be a total dumpster fire sh*t storm for therapy to make sense. 

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Therapy for Secretly Miserable Women in St. Louis Missouri

Think your “problems” don’t “qualify” for therapy? WRONG. There is literally no hierarchy for pain and suffering and most of my clients cry with relief when I assure them that life doesn’t have to be a dumpster fire shit storm in order for therapy to be beneficial.

It’s the whole ounce-of-prevention-is-worth-a-pound-of-cure thing: getting help before the wheels totally fall off is way more beneficial in the long run – but you already know that. If you’re here, you probably just need a little permission and a tinsy nudge to follow through and ask for help.

This is your permission.

This is your nudge.

If your life adds up on paper but a part of you feels let-down or dissatisfied and you can’t figure out why or don’t know what to do about it – you’re in the right place.

Don’t believe me? Here are some of the most common (and incredibly valid) reasons to come see me:

Stress & Overwhelm

You are a PRO at keeping your shit-to-damn-gether. You also feel like you’re dying a death by a thousand paper cuts – which is basically anxiety at its finest. I can help you rework the relationship you have with the hardworking, responsible, and dedicated parts of yourself so you can feel safe taking a friggin’ break.

Crap from The Past

Whether you knew that sh*t was f*cked up as it was happening or are just now realizing it, you’ve got an inkling something from your past is negatively impacting your present. Whether it’s from childhood or “only” a few years old, you’re tired of being hijacked by your emotions and want to heal from old wounds rather than being controlled by them.

Exhaustion, Dread & Drudgery

You hate it when you notice yourself think “Can everyone just leave me alone for like…forever?!” Just because you can function through it, doesn’t mean that low-grade dread and drudgery aren’t interfering with your quality of life. I can help you put your brave pants on and listen to the story depression is trying to tell – it makes a HUGE difference. Promise.

Breakups & Divorce

An unexpected divorce or suffering through a string of breakups you blame yourself for has finally broken your spirit. Despite how hurt you feel, you still want intimacy and connection – you’ve always imagined going through life with another person by your side. I can help you heal and ditch the life long fear that whoever is with you is doing you a favor.


Dealing with Feelings – the Logical Way

You can’t let go of something you don’t own.

This (^^) is quickly becoming my new mantra in regards to dealing with difficult emotions. So many times, our instinct is to turn away from difficult or painful feelings. We deny them or mask over them because we don’t know what to do with them, or we’re afraid that if we turn towards them and engage them, we might get stuck in them. In my personal and professional life, I’ve found that the best approach to dealing with difficult emotions is actually fairly logical…

Dealing with Difficult Feelings

Dealing with Difficult Feelings

Sometimes, my job as a therapist is to share a hard truth with clients. Today, I’ll cut right to it: your feelings are real – and – they may not be reflective of reality.

This particular “hard truth” is one I find myself sharing a lot with not just with clients, but with friends, family, and hell – even myself. What I find interesting is that usually, only one half of the statement is the “hard truth” part for people. Either accepting that their feelings are real is hard – or – accepting that how they feel might not be reflective of objective reality is hard. But – like I wrote about here – both can be true.

The Glance that Knows

I don’t really get poetry. Which is kind of surprising since poetry is 99.9% about expressing feelings and ideas (something I’m kind of into), but it’s a form of writing I’ve never really been able to connect to. I think it’s because poetry is supposed to be rhythmic and while I’m a musically inclined person, rhythm has always been the most challenging element of music for me. Anyway, I recently heard the poem “Please Hear What I’m Not Saying” for the first time and wanted to share it because…