Karissa Mueller, PLPC

the therapist for women who cry in the shower while everyone else thinks they sh*t rainbows

stop striving
start enjoying your life

Hey stranger. Not to be creepy, but I totally know why you’re here. You just got done crying in the shower because you feel unhappy. You’re feeling a little ridiculous for being upset because you know everyone else thinks you’ve got it all and that you’re happy as a clam but…like…you’re not. Not to worry. I help women just like you close the gap between pursuing the life they want and enjoying the one they have without settling for anything less.

Despite being intelligent, hard-working and self-aware, my clients feel stuck just like you. On paper, their lives add up. But in reality? A part of them feels let-down and dissatisfied and that part is like a grubby little gremlin, always robbing their joy. The existence of this dissatisfied part drives them nuts – but not being able to figure out why everything sucks when nothing is wrong is even worse.  

When they first come to see me, my clients have already spent their early adult years working to overcome some less than helpful crap they picked up in the first few decades of life. They’re discouraged that their hard work hasn’t paid off the way they thought it would because they are not, in fact, living their best life. *eyeroll* Instead, they’re exhausted from living in an emotional, mental and relational purgatory; tirelessly working on wholeness, wellness and all that good shit, but never actually crossing the “finish line” into the promised land of perpetual fulfillment, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

To top it all off, some of their best qualities may work against them. In all their intelligent, hardworking, and self-aware glory, they are paralyzed by the abundance of self-care options. They feel like choosing the wrong one could send them back to square one. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

And so, here you are. Considering counseling as the next thing to try. 

Before they first came to see me, my clients debated about investing in therapy because they knew once they were in, they were alllll in. They feared they were entitled, dramatic, or ungrateful for wanting more from their life. They were pretty certain the vision they had for their life was unrealistic. 

*spoiler alert* You can have the life you want and you don’t need to apologize for wanting it.

Like my clients, you can resolve the disconnect between what you know about your life on paper and how you feel about it in reality.

Fulfillment, satisfaction and enjoyment are not out of reach. 

If you want to shit rainbows, or at least stop crying in the shower, I can help.