Life doesn’t have to be a total dumpster fire sh*t storm for therapy to make sense. 

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Therapy for Secretly Miserable Women in St. Louis Missouri

Think your “problems” don’t “qualify” for therapy? WRONG. There is literally no hierarchy for pain and suffering and most of my clients cry with relief when I assure them that life doesn’t have to be a dumpster fire shit storm in order for therapy to be beneficial.

It’s the whole ounce-of-prevention-is-worth-a-pound-of-cure thing: getting help before the wheels totally fall off is way more beneficial in the long run – but you already know that. If you’re here, you probably just need a little permission and a tinsy nudge to follow through and ask for help.

This is your permission.

This is your nudge.

If your life adds up on paper but a part of you feels let-down or dissatisfied and you can’t figure out why or don’t know what to do about it – you’re in the right place.

Don’t believe me? Here are some of the most common (and incredibly valid) to come see me:

Stress & Overwhelm

You are a PRO at keeping your shit-to-damn-gether. You also feel like you’re dying a death by a thousand paper cuts – which is basically anxiety at its finest. I can help you rework the relationship you have with the hardworking, responsible, and dedicated parts of yourself so you can feel safe taking a friggin’ break.

Crap from The Past

Whether you knew that sh*t was f*cked up as it was happening or are just now realizing it, you’ve got an inkling something from your past is negatively impacting your present. Whether it’s from childhood or “only” a few years old, you’re tired of being hijacked by your emotions and want to heal from old wounds rather than being controlled by them.

Exhaustion, Dread & Drudgery

You hate it when you notice yourself think “Can everyone just leave me alone for like…forever?!” Just because you can function through it, doesn’t mean that low-grade dread and drudgery aren’t interfering with your quality of life. I can help you put your brave pants on and listen to the story depression is trying to tell – it makes a HUGE difference. Promise.

Breakups & Divorce

An unexpected divorce or suffering through a string of breakups you blame yourself for has finally broken your spirit. Despite how hurt you feel, you still want intimacy and connection – you’ve always imagined going through life with another person by your side. I can help you heal and ditch the life long fear that whoever is with you is doing you a favor.


self lead life

Living a Self-Led Life

My work is to help you learn how to connect with that inside of yourself and learn to hear it so you can start living a life that is lead by your self – instead of one lead by other people’s/systems voices and opinions or your own limiting beliefs and stories you’ve been stuck in for too long.

Self Care Therapy

On Self-Care and Why February Sucks

Self-care is about caring for yourself, not copying the ways others care for themselves. Self-care does not require extra time or money, only mindfulness, and acceptance. For me, this realization allowed me to accept myself where I am, as I am, in a way I’ve never been able to before in the midst of seasonal depression.

Feelings About Your Feelings

Having Feelings About Your Feelings

I’m gonna let you in on a secret – I repeat myself in therapy. A lot.

I have four or five or twenty-seven of the same things I find myself saying to clients (and friends and hell, even to myself). Because I work with women who have similar struggles, over time I have developed these little phrases, nuggets, affirmations, challenges, and alternative perspectives that represent some of the core areas where I see my clients get stuck. So, welcome to a blog series – Therapy One-Liners by Karissa. Today’s edition is just four little ANNOYING words: both can be true.